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logo design e identità visiva

CAS – Consulenza Ambiente e Sicurezza is a brand that focuses on corporate training, occupational safety and environmental responsibility. We developed the logo and visual identity from the company’s main values: Respect for the environment, professionalism and precision, and pragmatism.

CAS – Consulenza Ambiente Sicurezza logo consists of a brand name, which is an illustrated reinterpretation of the CAS acronym, and a logotype, which is the extended wording Consulting Environment Safety. The colors aim to create a link between the green of nature and the gray of industry, while the geometric shapes indicate precision and professionalism. The logo can be used in multiple versions, which makes it best adapted to different needs.

Logo construction

The red square represents the basic unit of measurement for logo construction.
The construction of the logogram follows precise geometric rules, with ovals at the base. This was followed by dutiful optical corrections to make the mark visually more harmonious and sinuous.

Decorative system

The decorative system is based on a simple system of lines and rectangles inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian.
These types of shapes are very versatile and suitable for layouts of all shapes and sizes.

Visual identity

In addition to slides, business cards and letterhead, many other branded elements, which follow the guidelines, can be created to fortify the visual identity.

Versioni del logo

Version 1: logogram + logotype
Suitable for centered layouts with lots of space where the logo becomes the focus.

Version 2: logogram + logotype
Compact, suitable for display next to other logos and in small space situations.

Version 3: logogram only
Contexts where the company is already known or in case of very small size.