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commercial video

Gryllo project is a commercial spot produced for the product launch of Smart Bugs’ Gryllo.
Gryllo is a complete and downright safe kit for the farming of a species of cricket that thrives specifically in small spaces: the Acheta domesticus.

The precise goal of the commercial was to expand the brand’s target.
Main receivers of the project were young adults. That is why the communication is focused on a simple, fun and clean message of taking time to take a break and, despite everything, try and enjoy the silence.
To reflect this, for each and every character was picked a set of props and objects to outline their design. Some of the same props were then manually reproduced in a miniaturized version to highlight the custom-tailoring potential of the kit.
Amidst the ironic and striking contrast between chaos and tranquility, particular attention was paid to sound. The main feature, one could say, of crickets.