Soda Pond


About us

We are a creative studio based in Treviso and Bologna.

On our team:
Gioele (and his no sense humor)
Carlotta (token woman)
Alexandru (token east european)
and Alberto.

Our Mission

We empower and elevate brands and creatives that want to impact the world by playfully challenging the way people perceive ethic’s communication, with compelling, creative content based on progressive values.

Our Vision

To bring inspiration and representation to as many people as possible.

Why we do what we do

There is no easy way to say this but: we come from another timeline.
A good one, in fact. Lots of problems solved there: managed to stop that thing where the planet is heating up and people get along just fine.

So, we were thinking, why not make
THIS timeline the GOOD timeline?

Of course, that will take some time. But one project here, one collaboration thereā€¦ who knows.
We might actually make an impact.